My Approach

My approach is shaped by my Integrative training, which incorporates a range of psychological approaches. I have a strong affinity to Carl Rogers' Person Centred approach which focuses on the therapeutic relationship and providing a safe place for therapeutic change to occur.

I strongly believe in the impact that unconscious processes can have on our lives. Therefore, my aim for our work together is to bring some of the unconscious processes into the conscious. Carl Jung,  the founder of analytical psychiatry, was once quoted as saying; "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate ". I believe by bringing these processes into the conscious, it will lead to a greater control and balance in your life, leading to a greater sense of self.

Together, we will look at ways to bring more balance to your life, improve your wellbeing and your mental health. We would look at coping strategies to help you, explore issues or triggers that currently impact you, look at the experiences you have had from childhood through to the present day and understand the impact that these have had on you.

I do believe that for us to achieve the goals you wish, it does also mean that coming into therapy has to be something that you feel ready to do. If it is, then I hope to provide you with the space, patience and support that you need to work towards your goals.

What I Offer

Face-to Face Counselling

Weekly sessions, offered at the same day & time each week.

Online Counselling

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Telephone Counselling

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Trainee Therapists

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Initial Consultation

The fee for the Initial consultation is £60


The fee for our counselling sessions are £50.

Do I offer a Sliding Scale?

Yes, dependant on personal circumstances. Some low cost counselling may be available for those on lower incomes. Please feel free to enquire about this.


Payment for your sessions can be made using; cash or bank transfer.